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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful Magnetic Ornaments

Picture A (ab0ve)

Picture B (above)

My little niece and I had been playing with the magnetic ornaments lately. Both of us have designed various designs for the ornaments. Attached the pictures are the most beautiful of our designs respectively. Guess what, it was a competition for both of us for the design of the magnetic ornaments, and we were having equal votes from my family members.

In order to have the winner among both of us, I would like to invite you all to vote for us. Please vote for your favourite magnetic ornament design. To be fair, I would not specify the competitors' design. It was using picture A and picture B for the designs respectively.

The closing date for the voting of your favourite magnetic ornament is latest by 30/09/2010.

Thus, we are looking for your votes and thank you for voting!
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