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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh, It's been 6 Years Already!

6 years ago of todate, my father had left us. He was passed away due to ARDS. My father had left us for 6 years already. During the first year after my father left us, my family and I were feeling sad, especially my mother.

After time has past, we started to feel better and not to be sad anymore. Sometimes we will still talk about the old times that we spent with my father. We will talk about his works, favourite food, etc. I still remember how did he treat us while he was alive.

Sometimes I would dream of my father too. Well, he looked the same as he was. He was still the same as old time that will take us for holidays or for good meals. He was enjoying that. This is what in my dreams.

Anyway, I want to tell my father that we are living good here and you don't need to worry for us. I also wish to tell the people out there, if your father is still with you, please treat him well, otherwise you will regret for it when he is not around anymore. Anyway, treat the people well when they are still around!!!

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