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Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Post A Comment in my Blog?!

Hello! I received some feedback lately that some of you could not post your comment(s) in my blog. I have amended the settings, so if you wish to post your comment, please follow the steps as below.

1) Click on the comments.

2) Select the Profile.

3) If you have the email account from the Google, you may select ''Google", otherwise please select "Name/URL".

4) If you select the "Google", please enter your google email a/c.

5) If you select "Name/URL", please enter your name, and you may enter your URL if you have, otherwise you may leave it blank.

6) Then you may proceed to post the comment.

If you have follow the steps above, you may able to post your comment(s). If you still having problems after the steps above, please let me know so that I could check on my setting again.

Well, I'm looking forward for your comments. Hope you all will enjoy my blog.


  1. will try it...

  2. thanx Bee Ping! i'm looking forward for it! :)

  3. Grateful for your precious instructions, since newcomers like me may feel at blogger different. In fact, this is my first blogging experience and i glad to come across your page. Bookmarked.

  4. Thanks for a well-written guide! I will try it out!

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