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Saturday, December 8, 2012

School Graduation Trip

My niece has went to her primary school graduation trip in this morning. She is going to Singapore for 4 days 3 nights. Gosh, time flies, I still recalled the day my niece was borned and she looked so small. Now, she has graduated the primary school and joins the graduation trip to Singapore.
This is the first time to her to go to trip by herself, without any family members accompany her. I guess my niece is brave enough to go the trip by herself, of course she has her schoolmates with her. She is excited for her trip too for the past few days. However, I know her mother, grandmother and I would be worried about her as my niece is sometimes quite clumsy. Anyway, I wish that she would enjoy her trip with safety and fun of course. :)
As for me, I did not join my primary school graduation trip. It was a Singaporean trip too. The reason is that I had transferred to another school and I was having school days on the date of the trip. Thus, until when I was in Form 2, then only I went to trip with my friends to Singapore. It was the first time for me to go to trip with friends, and no parents around. My elder sister was accompanied me for such Singapore trip as my sister also knew my friends. So we all went along and there were 5 of us.
I remembered that we were staying in the Singapore for 4 days and I had to call (collect call) my parents every night to inform them that we were alright. Although such trip is not my trip that without any family members, I felt it was fun too! Travelling only with friends or only with family would have different feelings for me.
So, how about you? Do you prefer to travel with your family or friends?! :P

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