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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My 12.12.12

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I had to go to the UMMC in today for the report of my chest bronchoscopy which I done in last month. Well, I went to the Chest Clinic of the UMMC in this morning. I waited until 10am then only was my turn.
While I was waiting for my turn, I was very nervous. I was afraid that the result would show not good or the chest specialist wanted me to be admitted for the medical treatment (touch wood). I was really worried and nervous while waiting for my turn.
Well, when finally my number was being called, I went to the consultation room. My chest specialist was smiling to me and I greeted to him too. He was asking how was I feeling and I told him that I feel alright and have some coughing occasionally. Then he was reading the report and was smiling for it. He told me that there was not any bacteria shown in my lungs according to the report, and I needed to continue my oral treatment. I asked him if I need not to be admitted and he said "yes". I was relieved to hear that! :) The doctor then told the nurse to check my weight and then he said I am underweight, I knew it too as I am very skinny.
The doctor advised me to gain weight as the person who was underweight would have weak immune system and then would cause osteoporosis in future. He advised me to eat more. He was then asking my heaviest weight that I had before and I told him it was during my high school days and he was teasing me for it. He was joking to me that I would have blown away by the strong wind as per my weight now. Anyway, the doctor wanted me to continue my treatment and I needed to go back for follow-up after 2 months time.
I wanted to thank to GOD that my result shown good and the lucky thing was that I would not need to be hospitalised for the medical treatment. I wish I would stay healthy always!!! God bless!!! So, my 12.12.12 is a good day!!! :)

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