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Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye Yr.2012 & Welcome Yr.2013

Today is the New Year's Eve, the last day of year 2012. What have you done in this past year? Have you met your goals that you have set in the beginning of year? Is it a happy or sorrow year for you in year 2012? No matter how, we should leave behind all our bads, unfortunates and sadness in year 2012 and let the 2013 as a new year for us as a rebirth or reborn.
I think the most serious incident in Year 2012 is no doubt, the said Doomsday on 21 December 2012. However, there was not anything happened on that day as life still goes on and it is not the end of the world. :)
There are many major events have happened in Year 2012, e.g. General Elections in USA, Japan, China, Korea. Korea has the first lady president and Obama is the President of USA again. In UK, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 60 years of Jubilee and Duchess Catherine is pregnant. Don't forget that there is 2012 London Olympic Games.
Our badminton player Dato Lee Chong Wei has won the silver medal in the London Olympics again and he also got married with his girlfriend. This goes the same to the Chinese badminton player, Lin Dan. He won the gold medal again and also got married in this year. Another good news for Malaysia is that the lady diver, Pamela has won the bronze medal for diving in the London Olympics, and it is a history for Malaysia.
The above are the good news of year 2012 and also there are sad news in the year. The earthquake, snowstorm in Europe, wars. Well, I hope all the sadness, sorrows would leave behind, and the new year is a new chapter / beginning of our life.
I would like the wish all of you to have a happy, joyful and prosperous new year. HAPPY 2013!!! :)

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