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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Congrats to the First Female President of Korea

Korea has the first female president, from 20.12.2012. It is a history in Korea. The new Korean President, President Park Geun-hye.  She is the daughter of the former President of Korea, Park Chung-Hee.  She writes a new chapter for her country.
Personally, it is a surprised for me that Korea has the first female president today. This is due to Korea is a male-dominant country and it is a female who becomes the leader of the country now. I think all the females of Korea are happy and proud of her. I think the reason for President P won is the Koreans would like to see changes in future for their country.
I used to watch a Korean TV drama called “The Big Thing” and the story is about a widow and then she becomes the President of the Korea. I have never thought of such story would become reality, that a female president is found in Korea! J FYI, the lead actress of this drama has won the ‘Best Actress’ award in the Korea too.
Anyway, I would like to congrats to this first female Korean president and wish her all the best in future.

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