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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In less than 10 hours, it would be the day of 12.12.2012. Many people like this date as it is a special date as it happens once a thousand years. Some people may celebrate such date in special way as they think it is the 10 days before the Doomsday. Some couples would have their marriage on this day.
However, 12.12.12 is also a day which is nervous for me. The reason is that I have to go to the UMMC to get my report for the chest bronchoscopy that I have done in end of October. If my report shows not good, I guess I have to get admission again for the medical treatment. I wish my history would not happen, as last year, I went for my report and the chest specialist wanted me to admit immediately and have treatment. I was hospitalised for 2 full months or 60 days!!! :(
Thus, I pray for the history would not be repeat this time. I rather to take more medicines for my treatment instead of being hospitalised. By staying in the hospital, I would become very emotional and I could not stop for being injection! I would not want to face such things again.
I pray to the God that my result would be OK as I would not be admitted for the medical treatment. So, my friends, kindly pray for me together to the God! I already felt very nervous for 12.12.12 for my result and I could not have good sleep at night for the past few days.
I wish that I would have good news for my result tomorrow! Please pray for me and wish me luck my friends!!! May God bless me!!! 

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