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Saturday, December 22, 2012

22.12.12 – A New Era

The world did not end on 211212. But the lives of some were definitely changed for the better as we are entering a new era. It could be considered as we are “reborn/rebirth”!

The widely-hyped 211212 date predicted by the Mayans to signal doomsday was a no-show, but that did not dissuade those who had prepared for it. No matter how, the day of 211212 is a history and today is 221212. I guess some people were disappointed that nothing had happened. On the other hand, some people would feel joyful as it was not the end of the world. Am I right?! J

For me, I would value my life more and would be living in my fullest and stay in good health. I wish there will be world peace and no more wars and tragedies would happen.

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you to have a happy life and love your family and friends all the time!!!

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