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Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas!

It is Christmas day! So, did you go for the countdown party last night?! I did not, I was just staying at home to celebrate the Christmas of 2010. There was fireworks displayed here and I could hear firecracker from the neighbourhood.

This reminds me when I was celebrating the Christmas in Sydney, Australia when I was 10 year-old. In that year, I visited to Sydney and have met some Christian friends. So, on the Christmas day, they invited my mother and I to their Church for the celebration. After that, we went to the friend's house for dinner. I recalled that I was playing with other children with the fireworks after the meals. I was happy about it as it was my first Christmas in overseas.

I always have a wish that I would like to have White Christmas since then. The reason is White Christmas is beautiful and it is only the real atmosphere of the Christmas. Well, this is just my own thought. So, I am always looking forward for it. However, during my school days, I could not go to overseas for Christmas due to I am not come from a wealthy family as I could not afford to travel overseas.

When I started to work, I managed to have savings and I was thinking that I would able to achieve my White Christmas dream. However, I could not do so. This is due to I was required to stay for the year-end closing for my work. Moreover, my colleague is a Catholic, and she is having her Christmas holidays as I required to back-up for her works. Thus, I was not allowed to take leaves for the month of December. :(

After I resigned from my work, again I could not have White Christmas in this year. This is due to my health problem as I have to stay from the crowded area for the moment. Thus, I am staying at home for my Christmas this year. Well, I wish that I will have my White Christmas in next year.

Anyway, it's Christmas. Have a blessed Christmas, everyone. May we all get to spend quality time with our loved ones and express our love for them. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)


  1. Sounds like you are always staying back so that you can give someone else the luxury of celebrating Christmas. :) God bless your heart, Catherine.