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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is Over!

Christmas is over! So, how was your Christmas holiday? Mine was a normal day. Guess some people have already back to work and some are still having holidays. Well, I hope the people who back to work would not have Monday blues! :P

My cousin sister and her whole family came to visit my mother and I yesterday. I was glad to meet them as I did not see them for quite a few months. Moreover, I am also miss my adorable twins niece so much.  So, here they came.

Wow, my twins niece have grown. They are 19 month-old now. The can do the walking now and have grown taller. I remember the last time I saw them that they still yet be able to walk. Now, they are walking. I am really happy to meet them. They look so adorable. I was playing with them and also took some photo of video clips of the twins.

Gosh, the twins are very energetic, they were walking around in the living room of my house and they were also fighting for the small bench.  It is very funny, if one of them go for the small bench, then the other would fight for it. If one did not go for the bench, then the other would not go neither. Guess, the twins really are having the same 'thought'! In order for the twins to stop the fighting, I had to give them some toys to play with. Of course the toys are not belong to me, but my own niece. I realised a thing, the twins like to scream, they screamed a lot in my house! :P Well, maybe they are too excited for the games!

The funny thing is that when I called their name, the elder twins would answer "Hah?!" So, she knows that I was calling her. For me, I think twins are cute as 2 people look alike, and maybe the attitudes are the same. Anyway, my cousin sister and her family left our house in the late afternoon. She told us that she would come to visit us again in the Chinese New Year. I guess by that time, the twins have grown some more. I am looking forward for that time.

OK, let me show you the pix and video clip of my cute twins niece.

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