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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My CT Scan for Chest

I was having my CT scan for chest at the UMMC this morning. The cost of the procedure is RM350. As I am a TB patient, I do not need to pay for the charges. I am wondered what is the cost of the CT scan out there?!
I was required to take the medications and fasting before my CT scan. The medicine was Prednisolone. I was required to take 10 tablets for 3 times, which was in 12 hours, 7 hours and an hour before the CT scan. FYI, it was required to take in empty-stomach. The medicine was tasted bitter. Yuck! L
After my registration at the counter, I was directed to wait in another hall for the CT scan. I had waited for about 30 minutes then it was my turn. The radiologist explained to me about the CT scan procedure and he told me to stay still and do not move during the scanning. I then informed him for my medications that I am allergy to and the medications that I am taking, and he noted it.
I was then changed to the gown as provided by the nurse and went to the room for the procedure. I saw the CT scanner; it is similar to the scanner of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The technologists then positioned me on the CT examination table; I was lying flat by putting the hands at the side of my head. I asked the technologists how long would be the procedure, they told me it would only take for about 5 minutes. I was relieved to hear that as I thought it would require longer time for it. This is due to when I was having my MRI in last year, it took about 40 minutes for the procedure. Thus, I was thinking that the CT scan would take about 20-30 minutes. Luckily, it was not.
Anyway, the technologists informed me to stay still while doing the scanning, and followed their instructions and closed my eyes. They covered my legs with a blanket which I think it is for the prevention from the radiation effect. Then I felt the table was started to move through the scanner and I saw the red laser light. Then the technologist told me to close my eyes and the scanning started. I closed my eyes then I felt the table was moving in slowly.  After a while, I heard the technologist told me to hold my breath and then to breathe normal. So I just did by the instructions. The instruction was given to me twice. I heard a slight buzzing sound during the procedure as it was the scanner doing the scanning. It was no pain for the procedure. I was just needed to stay still for the scanning.
However, a negative thought has stroked my mind during my scanning. I was worried that the result would be bad. I was wondering why I had such thought! : P
Anyway, the scanning was done in less than 10 minutes . The radiologist told me that I could have my result when I have my appointment with my Chest specialist in next Tuesday. So, I changed back my own clothes and left UMMC and headed home. So, I will only have my CT scan results in next week, and I hope it is good! J


  1. I am curious why do you have to take medications prior to the CT scan?

    I did my CT scan and it cost me around RM1,000 in a private hospital. I was injected with some radiopaque dye during the CT scan.

  2. Gabe, i was taken medications prior to the CT scan due to I am allergy to some medicines.But I didn't inject with any radiopaque dye for the scanning.