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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Little Princess' Name Is Out!

Royal Princess named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

The little princess of Cambridge is out. Her name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Wow, 2 out of my 5 guesses of the names have been selected! :) I am glad for it. :) Charlotte is the favourite name of all the British, especially her grandfather, Prince Charles. As for the name Elizabeth is come from the little princess's great grandmother who is the Queen Elizabeth II and as for Diana, no doubt, from her grandmother, Princess Diana. All the names are the most important people of Prince William.
Anyway, I guess both the Prince William and Duchess Catherine are happy to have a daughter and so as the British Royal Family. Moreover, many mummies are very surprised with the good figure of the Duchess as she still having the good figure after the delivered in a short time. I bet many mummies are jealous of her! Haha! :P
Lastly, I wish that both Prince William and Duchess Catherine would be having a happy family as ever after like the fairytale. Again, Congrats to the British Royal Family!!! :)
William waved proudly to those who had waited to see the new baby while he put an affectionate arm around his wife

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