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Monday, May 4, 2015

Re : 1% or 99% ? !

Hi all! How was your weekend?! Fun? Relaxed? Tired? Anyway, wish you all were having a nice weekend and a great week ahead.

Based on my previous post, 1% or 99? !I have given a quiz for you all to challenge and glad some of you have participated. Thus, i would like to thank you for the people who have taken the challenge.

However, I am sorry to inform that all the answers are in the 99% group, who are answered wrongly. Actually, I have given this quiz to my friends and some children to answer, guess what?! The children have answered correctly and only few adults have given correct answer. Why?! The reason is that the adults have thought too much, a complicated thinking whereas the children are having simple thinking as they are not thought as much as the adults. The children can answered based on what they have seen.

Well, let me reveal the answer now. The correct answer is " 2 ". 2=5, thus 5=2!! Many people have answered "26", so they are fall under the 99%. But is is normal as I also one of them! Haha! :P

If you don't believe the answer, you may try it on yourself to the adults and children who are around you. Then you would know who would be the 1% or 99%! :D

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