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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Niece's 15th Birthday on 15/5/2015!!!

Time flies! In last year, about 3 months before my dearest niece's birthday, I was asking my friends from locally and overseas for the Beatles's stuff, eg. cards, posters, etc.. as my niece is a big fan of The Beatles. She is still their fan now. Anyway, in last year, I really appreciate the favour of the friends who have sent the stuff of the Beatles to my niece and she really was surprised for her birthday! You may refer to the "A Surprise to My Lovely Niece!" which I posted in last year! :P

Anyway, yesterday was the 15th birthday of my dearest niece, YC. However, I did not give any surprises to her in this year. I only given her a lovely birthday card. Then my family and I dined at the Japanese restaurant called Sushi Tei to celebrate her 15th birthday. By the way, YC is a girl who likes to eat Japanese food! Hehe! :P

We have ordered few types of sets, for example, Soba noodle, Udon noodle, Sukiyaki, friend chicken cutlets, beef, salmons, Yakitori don set, etc.. We all were enjoying the meal very much and in the end all of us were felt very fulfilling. Then We bought a piece of cheese and chocolate cake for my niece, YC as her birthday. The pictures below show our meal.

Overall, this was how we celebrated YC's 15th birthday. As her aunt, I would like to wish YC "Happy Birthday" again and all her wish would come true. On the other hand, I am also wishing her to have happiness always, stay in good health and to become a good, smart and an elegant girl. 

Lastly, I would like to tell my dearest YC that all of us in the family are loving her very much. I would be always by her side if she requires any favours! ! I love you, YC!!! 😊 

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