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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Beautiful Taiwanese Postcard


Hello there! Ni hao! I have received a  beautiful Taiwan postcard from Cate in last week. Cate is from the Chia Yi City, Taiwan.
The postcard that Cate has sent to me is with the painting view of the Taiwan Ali Mountain Scared Tree and Steam train. I like such postcard very much. I know that Mt. Ali is very famous in Taiwan but I have missed to visit it when I travelled to Taiwan in years ago! :( Thus, I wish I could visit the Mt. Ali if I would have the chance to travel Taiwan again.
Cate is a an elementary school teacher and she also encourages her students to exchange postcards for the different cultures learning. Hence, I would like to send her a Thank you card as I think I would like to let her and her students to know more about my beautiful country.
Lastly, I would like to thank Cate for the lovely postcard as it is definitely in my favourite list! Xie Xie! 谢谢!!! :)


  1. Dear Catherine,
    Thank you for your introduction! I'm very happy to send you the postcard! Cate

    1. Hi Cate!
      Thanks for reading my post! ��

  2. "榴小妞" is one of my favorite postcard designers. I'm glad you like her card!