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Monday, May 18, 2015

My New Aussie Pen-Pal! !!

Good day! This is the greetings words of the people from Aussie land. Yes, I have a new pen-pal from the Down Under, Australia. Her name is Tracy. She is from New South Wales. Tracy has surprised me with her letter in February. She has met me via the website "A Month of Letters" (LetterMo) campaign.
Both of us have participated the LetterMo campaign for 2 years. From this campaign, I have met some pen-pals from different countries, eg. Sweden. Australia, UK. It is fun to write the letters in handwritten instead of typing.
Tracy has written to me by introduced herself. She is a mother of 3 children and both of us are having same hobbies, like pen-palling, reading and exchanging postcards. Tracy has never visit my country, so she would like to know more about Malaysia.
I have replied to Tracy last week and introduced her about my beautiful country, and given her a recipe. I hope she would like it. I am looking forward to receive Tracy's reply and hope that we could be long-term pen-pals. :) 

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