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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let's Celebrate Birthday together on 19th November by Exchanging Birthday Cards Worldwide!!! :)

Hello there! The celebrities Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Calvin Klein and Larry King and I are having similarity. Curious what is about our similarity?! Well, the answer is all of us are having the same birthday, ie. the 19th November. :)

Would you like to swap birthday card with me?! Well, if your birthday is same as mine and wish to swap birthday card with me, your are very welcome. Moreover, if you and I are having the same day, month and year for the birthday, Congrats, you would receive a mysterious gift from me! However, I need to see the proof for your birthday before we swap the birthday card. You may message me. So, let's celebrate our birthday together from different places!!!
Hope to hear from you, my friend from all over the world!!! Let's have a great and fun birthday together!!! 

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