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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mail from Portugal

My Portuguese  pen-pal, Edith, has sent me a mail which included a postcard of the Notre Dame of France and a transportation card from Lisbon. Edith written that I could use it for the bus or metro if I visit to Lisbon with that card.

As for the Notre Dame postcard, she was having the cruise trip with her family and visited Paris, London and Amsterdam. She     got it from the  Paris. Anyway, I would like to thank her for the beautiful postcard and as I like very much. 

Edith likes Asian and anythings about Asian, thus I have introduced some Malaysian culture to her. She is a master degree student of veterinarian. I wish her all the best in her study. Frankly speaking, I like Edith as my pen-pal as I think she is a nice and fun lady, thus I am happy to exchange letter with her.

Anyway, I would like to thank Edith for the wonderful mail, especially the lovely postcard. Thank you Edith!!! :)

Backview of the Lisbon Transportation Card

Notre Dame view Postcard

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