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Thursday, September 11, 2014

OMG! I Almost Celebrated My Mid-Autumn Fest at the Hospital!!!

9/9/2014 was the day of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. It was considered as one of the major Chinese Festivals. However, on the early morning of 8/9/2014, 3:30am, I was having hemorrhage, i.e. coughing out blood and my mum has rushed me the hospital for treatment.
This was my third time of the hemorrhage since Year 2011. I was sent to the ER of the hospital for the treatment and then only been sent to the ward by afternoon on 8/9/2014. I was so shocked that I was having such sickness again as I was just having my chest follow-up on 13/8/2014 and the chest specialist has informed me that my condition has improved based on my Chest X-ray. The doctor even told me did not need to go for further tests except I have to put on some weight.
Gosh, I had not imagined that I was then having the reoccurance of the hemorrhage after about 2 weeks after my follow-up! :( So, when I was given treatment in the ER, again, my hands had been inserted needle for the line and taking blood for test, chest x-ray, etc.. I was put on the oxygen mask to let me breath smoothly.
The doctor has arranged me in an isolation ward as they suspected I was infected pulmonary tuberculosis. The room was for one person. All the nurses, doctors or any visitors who came into my room were required to wear the mask for protection. I was given antibiotic treatment. The doctors came to examine me after I have sent to the ward and he had postponed my CT scan to the next day and he told me to rest for the day. Thus, I was  postponed my CT scan to the following day as instructed by the doctor. I was thinking that how long would I be staying in the ward for this time as the next day would be the Mid-Autumn Fest. I was feeling a bit sad then when this crossed my mind.
I needed to take some medicines thrice before I went for the CT scan due to I was allergy to some medicines. Besides, I had to fast before the CT scan too. So, by 11:30am of 9/9/2014, I had sent for the CT scan and the procedure was taking about 10 minutes maximum. After that, I could eat my meal as I was hungry. My mother has returned home to prepare meal for me and I was alone in the ward. I was listening to the songs, surfing net or playing games on my mobile to pass the time. Of course I also took some nap to rest.
By 3:40pm, the doctor came to my room and told me that she could discharge me by today as I did not infect any tubercolosis based on my CT scan result and the reason for my hemorrhage was due to my heart problem. She told me that I could go back home already and I required to have regular follow-up then. I was so happy to hear it and I quickly called my mother to inform her that the doctor had discharged me and I could return home. So, I started to pack my stuff and waited for my mother to be here. By 5:30pm, we finally received my discharged documents and we left the hospital and to go home.
Finally we reached home by 7:15pm as there was traffic congestion on our way home. I was so glad to be at home even I was at the hospital for 1.5 days but it was still a suffer for me! Anyway, I was glad that I was at home for the festival as I was almost "celebrated" the Mid-Autumn Fest in the ward!

Lastly, I would like to thank all my friends and relatives who had sent me messages during my hospitalisation, I would like to inform you all I was fine and I would take good care of myself to recover from my sickness. Thank you all for your concerns! May God bless you all!!! :)

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