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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Winning Prize :)

The Prize Gifts
Horray! I am one of the prize winners for naming the duo pandas who have came to Malaysia. I have won the prize for naming the male panda "Xing Xing". Frankly speaking, I also have forgotten that I have submittied the entries for naming the pandas contest after the PM has announced the grand winner.
However, on 25/8/2014, I have received an email from NRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) to inform that I have won a prize for naming the male panda. I have doubt about the email and thus called to the NRE to check and also to check online if this was a real email. Finally I have confirmed that I really have won a prize after spoken to the person in charge for sending me the email. Wow! I was so happy and excited to wait for my prize then.
I have been waited for about 2 weeks and finally on 15/9/2014, I have received my prize via courier service and it was a big box as shown on the pictures above. I then opened the box excitedly and OMG, there are many gifts inside, as you could see on the picture above. The gifts include a giant panda book description, bookmarks, wristbands, a mug with panda picture, a handmade red necktie, a thermol flask, and also a certificate for me for participate the competition.

The Handmade Red Necktie Cover Box


I am so happy that I have won the prize but I could not recall that I have submitted the name of "Xing Xing" as I have submitted many different names for the duo pandas! Haha! :P Anyway, since I have won the prize, I really am very, very happy!!! Thank you for the NRE too as according to the person in charge that I have spoken on the phone, some of the gifts are special made by NRE for the winners. I really appreciate the gifts and would like to thank NRE for the prize. THANK YOU!!! :)

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