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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

German Postcard

Berlin Postcard

I was surprised to receive a postcard from Germany which is written by a group of kindergarten students in last week. The postcard is from one of the kids named Leon.
Leon written on the postcard that they are the kids from a kindergarten near the Baltic Sea. They have sent me a postcard with a cute red and white van. I think it is amazing to receive a postcard which is written by small kids as they would meet people from the worldwide.
Thus, I replied to Leon after receiveing the postcard to ask for their correspondence address as I would send a return postcard to the kids to intoroduce them my beautiful country. I am waiting for their reply at the moment.
Anyway, I will appreciate this postcard and would like to thank to the kids, especially Leon that he written for the card. I wish all the kids to have a happy life and thank you all and I love you all!!! :)

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