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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Wonderful Dutch Mail

Dutch Mail

I have received my mail from my Dutch pen-pal, Angela in last week. As always, Angela has given me surprise with her wonderful mail. From the pictures, we could see that Angela has spent much effort for the mail, for example, the packaging.
Angela is always enclosed some gifts to me besides the letter. She would enclose the Dutch tea as usual, and this time, she has sent me a Dutch birthday card, a mini toy and a bad hanger. Of course she has enclosed her wonderful letter too. I am really appreciate her kindness.
Angela has written in the letter that she and her family have went to Dubai for summer holidays for she did not enjoy so much. The reason was she has lost some of her friends in the flight #MH17 which was happened on 17/7/2014 that the plane was shot down by the missile. She was feeling sad to hear the news.
However, she has written in the letter that Dubai is a wonderful city and it is really luxury. They had stayed on the palm Jumeirah hotel which called Atlantis. In the hotel, there is a big aquarium and an aqua park. People could feed the sharks, dive, and swim with the dolphins. It is like a fairytale and so spectacular beautiful.

Dutch Gifts
According to Angela in the letter, Dubai has 35 malls and they had visited 3 of them. They also went to the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa with 839 metres high with 124 stories. The view was fantastic and they had seen the Water world show and boats in the Marina.
I am so jealous of Angela's Dubai holidays as I had been to Dubai for transit when I went to Italy for my trip in few years back. However, I have no idea that Dubai is such beautiful. Anyway, I would like to thank Angela for her wonderful mail and gifts. 

Dutch Letter and Gifts
Lastly, to Angela, thank you for your wonderful mail and wish we could be a long-term pen-pal.Once again, thank you. :)

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