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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My First Postcard from Croatia and Latvia

I have received a postcard from Croatia and Latvia on yesterday and today. Both of these postcards are my first postcard from those countries. Moreover, both of the cards are beautiful, especially, the Croatian postcard.

I received the postcard from Croatia from the sender, named Maja. She comes from the Capital of Croatia, Zagreb. But she sent me a postcard of Dakovo. It is a town of Croatia and it is famous for the cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Đakovo. According to Maja, she got the postcard from her friend who lives at Dakovo, thus, she sent it to me.

The card is beautiful and I like it very much as it is on my favourite list.

Croatia postcard

Besides the Croatian postcard, I also received a card from Latvia today.This is also my first postcard from such country. The postcard is from Chopa, a 12-year-old girl (as she wrote that she would be age twelve by end of May). In the postcard, she written that she is the youngest of the four sisters and she would bake muffins and her sister would be helping her.

I am glad to receive the postcard from Chopa as it is a picture of sea. I also want to wish Chopa "Happy Belated Birthday!!!".

Latvia postcard

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