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Monday, May 26, 2014

You have done your Best, Malaysian Badminton Team!!!

25/5/2014 @ 11:30pm is the sad time for the whole nation as the Malaysian badminton  team has  been defeated by the Japanese team by 3 -2. A history for the Japan as it is her first time to have the Thomas Cup in 65 years and Japan also has won the second place for the Uber Cup. Thus, I would like to say Congratulations to the Japanese team.
Gosh, it has taken about 6 hours for the 5 matches during the final game and the feelings is like riding the roller-coaster, ups and downs. Well, the first match has won by our first single player, Dato Lee Chong Wei, then followed by first double and second single have lost to the Japanese team. The result became MAS 1 - 2 JAP. Then on the following game, our second double player has won the match the result has became 2 -2.

Thus, the last match of the 3rd single match was the result of which country would bring back the Thomas Cup to home. Well, personally, I think our third single player was not playing as good as the other players. This may due to he was in the stress or he has injured and pretended not to the opponent.Moreover he is the captain of the team this time. When the match has to play 3 games, and in the final few points, it really was the stress for all the supporters and the players. I could see the all the supporters of the 2 countries were given their fullest support at that time in the TV in the stadium. I as the TV viewer also given the last fullest support to our Malaysian team. But unfortunately, the luck is not on our side again, as the Japan has won the last point. I guess at that time, the whole nation have a heart drop and so as the badminton players, especially the captain, the last player.
Anyhow, the final match of the Thomas Cup in last night is an amazing game as we could see all our badminton players have played very well respectively. The whole team, except our Dato LCW and one of the first double players, Tan, are the ones who always have competition in the international games, the rest of the players are new players and yet they still played very well.
Personally I like the player of the 2nd single player, Chong Wei Feng. I think he is a good player as he needed more training and maybe he could be the next No.1 badminton player of the world. Who knows?!
Well, I guess some people would blame some of the players for losing the game but to be honest, what if you put yourself in the shoe of the player during the matches time?! Would you be able to play as good as them?! Or perhaps you couldn't even gain so many points!
Thus, we need to give chance and time to those new young players as I believe the Thomas Cup will be returned to Malaysia soon. Maybe in Yr.2016?! Who knows?!
Lastly, Congrats to the Japan team again and also to our Malaysian team as we have 2nd place and won the silver medals. To our badminton players "Guys, you have done your best for the finals, and don't be upset for getting the silver medals instead of gold medals. You all will have the chance to bring the Thomas Cup back someday!!! Lastly, fighting Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!!!

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