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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Winning Prize for Snap and Win Contest for "My Love from the Star"!

OMG! I have won the prize of the contest of the Snap and Win Contest of the Korean drama  "My Love from the Star". In the beginning of April this year, I have submitted some contest entries via email for the Korean drama. It has to snap the favourite scene of the drama and to give the reason of the favourite scene for the contest. 

After I have submitted the entries via email, I am very  nervous for the result release. But i have been waited so long and no news about it and it makes me have forgotten about it and also thought that I did not win for the contest.

However, on 20/5/2014,I have received an email to inform me that I have won for the "Snap & Win contest". Although I am not the grand prize winner and just one of the consolation prize winners, yet I am still very happy for it. This is due to I have won the limited edition of the merchandise of the K-drama"My Love from the Star". In the email, it is informing that the prize is sending from Singapore to me. Thus, I was waited patiently until 29/5/2014and I finally received my prize.

The prize includes a notebook and a set of 5 pieces of postcards of the K-drama "My Love from the Star". Moreover, these stuff are the limited editions and I am so happy, gladly to receive them!!! :D you may see the pictures below :-
                                                        Front View of Postcards
Back View of Postcards

I owould like to thank the organizer to have the contest so that I am able to win the prize! Thank you! 

Lastly, I would like to say "I Love You, Do Min-joon! I Love You, Cheon Song-yi! Sarang heyo!!!

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