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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Postcard from UK Pen-Pal

A lovely mail has received from Jodie, from UK on 8/5/2014. Jodie is one of my new pen-pals and she has written me a letter and also sent a beautiful postcard to me. The postcard is the view of the Victoria and Albert Museum of the London. It is a cut-paper work. I like the postcard very much, thus I would like to thank Jodie! :) I also like the stamps on the envelope as I think they are beautiful too.
In the letter, Jodie has written that she has 2 sons and living on the border between England and Scotland with her husband. Her interests are reading, gardening, reading, music and dancing. She is a member of the group dancers. Well, I think she is a good dancer!!! :P
Anyway, I will reply to Jodie soon as I was too busy with my personal matter lately and could not able to reply to her! Once again, thank you for your mail, Jodie!!! :P 

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