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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome to Malaysia my Cute Giant Pandas!!! ♡

Fu Wa (L), Feng Yi (R)

On 21/5/2014, the 2 cute giant pandas named FU Wa (male) and Feng Yi (female) have arrived Malaysia from China finally after we long waited for them. These cute pandas would be staying from Malaysia for 10 years. 

The pair were welcome by a team of about 40 Zoo Negara staff and two people dressed in panda costumes. A group of schoolchildren were also present, chanting the names of the pandas. All the people were overjoyed about the arrival of the pandas.
The pandas would be required to quarantine for a month and then only to have public appearance at their newly-built house at the National Zoo of Malaysia.
The 1.6ha panda complex has enclosures with steep terrain, wooden playgrounds and ice blocks that mimic their natural environment.
The pandas' new names are set to be announced by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during the grand opening of the enclosure at the end of June. In the earlier days, we were  having a contest for naming the  2 giant pandas ans I also have participated. Thus, I am wondering would the names I submitted would be selected! Hehe! :p
The Malaysian and Chinese governments have signed a deal to loan this pair of panda for 10 years to mark the 40th anniversary between the 2 countries. Personally i like the panda as i think it it cute with its colors, 2 small ears and the parts around the eyes are in black and the limbs in black and body in white. I have seen the real panda before when I have travelled to Beijing in few years back at the Beijing Zoo.

For me, I think panda is a lovely animal as it eats bamboos only and I consider them as the vegetarian animals. Well, both FU WA and FEng YI are 8 year-old, and they are borned on the same date and year. I hope they would have a baby soon as it is a "made in Malaysia" panda baby! :)

Actually the female panda Feng Yi is having the same name as one of my friends, in Chinese name, guess what my friend's birthday is the date of the pandas arrival in Malaysia. So, i was joking with her on the birthday online that her "friend" has arrived and then she replied as "it is expensive to see "her" in the National Zoo! Haha!

Anyway, according to the news, both the pandas are happy with their new house here. It is special built for them and it is one of the best panda houses of the world. You may take a sneak peek of the  Panda Conservation and Exhibition Centre below.

Well, since Year 2014 is the " Visit Malaysia Year", you are welcome to MalAysia and to visit these cute giant pandas too! So, see you soon!!! :)

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