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Monday, May 12, 2014

Postcard of Macau

Last Saturday, my friend Affi came to my house to pay for a visit. We have not met each other for months. On the day she came, she even brought me a box of famous biscuit which is from Teluk Intan. It was so nice of her! :) Besides the biscuits, she also given me postcards of Macau which is bought by her during her trip in weeks back.

The postcard is very lovely and i like it very much. Macau is the place I have yet to travel, thus I wish to travel there someday.:) Anyway, I would like to thank Affi for the postcards and food. Thus, I have offered her a pair of RM40 off vouchers of the Legoland Malaysia in return. I really wish that she would use them for having a god holidays!!! :)

Anyway, i was very happy for her visit as we only have been chatted for about 2 hours. Our conversations included many topics as we really have not been met for quite a long time. Actually we are buddies. :) 

I wish we would have a gathering with my other buddies in someday as since we started to work, we have not meet often. Guess what?! I have not meet some of my old buddies in years. I guess it is called life!!! College times is the happiest time!!! :) 

So, if you are reading my blog, buddies, make sure we would have a gathering soon!!! :)

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