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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Korean TV Drama Postcard Collections

Yahoo! I have received the postcards of my favourite Korean TV series from my pen-pals. They are Sinae from Korea to send me the drama postcards of "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" and CuZn from China to send the hit series "My Love from the Star"! 

I was so surprised when I received the drama postcards. I am very happy too as both series are starring with the same actor, he is Kim Soo-hyun. Yes, a very, very popular idol in Asia now after the TV drama " My Love from the Star" as the character of a cool alien professor named Do Min-joon. :P

Well, the actor, Kim Soo-hyun is one of my favourite Korean male actors as his acting skill is good and he looks cute too. He has also won many awards in his career. I got to know this actor from the drama "Giant" in few years back.

Anyway, I like both the drama of the postcards that my pen-pals have sent to me. Thus, I am very grateful for receiving them. Hence, I would like to say Kamsah Hamidah, Xie Xie 谢谢 to Sinae and CuZn respectively. Lastly, a BIG THANK YOU to you all!!!! :) once again, THANK YOU!!! :D

My Love from the Star

The Moon that Embraces the Sun

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