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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Surprise to my Lovely Niece! ♡

Yesterday, 15th May was my lovely niece, YC aka Jaycee celebrated her 14th birthday. I have given her a big surprise birthday gifts to her. Well, as I know she is a very big fan of the group band, The Beatles, I have made a collection of the Beatles from the world wide for her surprise.
The Beatles' collection include Birthday card, badge, postcards, magazine and posters. I requested from my pen-pals or postcard swappers from around the world started from February this year, yes, 3 months before Jaycee's birthday. :P
Well, the Beatles' collection is came from USA, Sweden, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, and Russia. Thus I really want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends from the worldwide. I also mailed a THANK YOU token to them in return after receiving those collection from every one of them.
Anyway, I have to hide The Beatles' stuff everytime after I have received as I did not want to let my niece know about it. I just pretended that I was trying hard to look for her and told her not to have so much hope on it. Luckily YC also did not expect so much.
So, on the night before her birthday, I put all the small  items of the Beatles's collection in a gift bag, and the 2 big posters in a long round tube (as mailed as it was) and got ready to give Jaycee a surprise. I have put the gift bag and the poster tube along the staircase of the house. First, I have gave her a birthday card and then I was telling Jaycee to go to my room to get something as all of us were at the living room at that time. I also told her if she has seen something on the staircase, picked them up along. So, I heard she was saying "Wow!" Then I told her there were 2 items on the staircase and she carried them and came back to the living room. I then told her those are the birthday gifts to her from me.
Then Jaycee started to open the gift bag and "digging" her surprise! She found the envelope and opened it and found it was a The Beatles birthday card and then a pack of postcards of The Beatles. That mail was sent from UK. Jaycee then surprised and excited and kept on taking out the items from the gift bag one by one and opened them to see. From her reactions, I know that she is very happy for her gift and when she opened one of the mail which is a magazine of The Beatles, Jaycee was blushing and she was even happier! She was kept on saying "Wow!" "Wah!" when she was opening her gifts. I was taking shots and video clips when she was opening her gifts!

When she has finished taken out all the items from the gift bag, she started to open the big round tube. When she found out there were 2 posters, she quickly rolled to see them and she was so happy to see them. She likes the posters very much.Then she said she would stick them on the wall of her room. Moreover, she is also pined the badge in her pencil case.
When I asked her is there any particular The Beatles collection that she likes the most, she said she likes or I should say she LOVES them all and she is very, very Happy to receive them. She told me it was really a big surprise for her. She even told me that I do not need to give her birthday present for next year birthday! Haha! Such a silly girl of her. I replied to her that I did so much for her because I love her as she is my niece. I told her to appreciate those gifts as they are from the worldwide and she noted. I know Jaycee would do so. She told me that she would post The Beatles collection in her own blog too.

On Jaycee's birthday, we celebrated with her at a Japanese restaurant. She ate her favourite beef. We all have had a happy dinner and all of us very fulfilling. Thus, this is how my niece, Jaycee, celebrated her 14th birthday.
Once again, I would like to thank all the friends who sent the Beatles collection to Jaycee and I wish Jaycee has a happy 14th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YC!!! I Love U!!! :)

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