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Monday, January 27, 2014

Surprise again from the Dutch Pen-pal ^.^

Lovely Dutch Stamps on the Envelope
OMG! My Dutch pen-pal, Angela has given me a surprised with her mail in last week. She has sent me many Dutch tea bags and cookies. Moreover, she made the tea card by herself which is very beautiful.

Angela knows that I will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on this coming Friday, 31/1/2014. Thus, she would like me to enjoy and share the Dutch tea and cookies with my family and friends. In her letter, she also writes that she has been to Berlin for her Christmas and she was enjoying there.
Lastly, I would really like to thank Angela for the gifts and I am really appreciate them. Thank you Angela!

Self-made Tea card

Different types of Tea Bags

Dutch Cookies and Milk Powders

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