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Saturday, January 25, 2014

CNY Cards from Worldwide

Korean card
Korean card content

Korean stamp

For those who have been followed my blog would know that I have exchanged the Chinese New Year card from the worldwide. Here are some cards from the Asian countries. They are from Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

The Korean postcard is sent by Sinae. It is from Seoul. it is a beautiful card with the Korean words wishes. The meaning is wishing to have good health, good lucks follow along and Happy New Year. The stamp of Korean is also beautiful and I like both the card and stamp.

Korean culture is similar to Chinese culture that the children would receive Ang Pow or red Packet aka. Hong Bao (红包) with the cash gift. However, there is a different thing is that we the Chinese is using the red envelope and Koreans are using white envelop. CNY is also the biggest festive season for the Koreans.

The second CNY card is from Taiwan. It is from Yu-Pei. It is a lovely postcard, with the picture of a golden fish with the wishes "年年有余" means ' Years of Brimful Happiness'! Yu-Pei also sent the lovely stamps. Once again, I like both the card and the stamps. :)

Taiwanese card (front)
Taiwanese stamps

The third CNY postcard is from Andrea. She is from the Horbart, Australia.  It is a horse picture card which represents this year. I think this card is very meaningful. Andrea also given me some info of the places to visit in Australia and i am really grateful for it.

Anyway, i would like to give a BIG thank you to Sinae, Yu-Pei and Andrea for the lovely CNY cads and i am really like those cards and wish that we would keep it as a Culture to swap the card on the festive season as I think it is interesting and fun! :)

Well, if you also would like to join us the card swapping, you are welcome and just drop me a line. I am glad to hear from you. ^.^

Australian CNY Postcard

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