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Saturday, January 11, 2014

RIP Cute Little Brownie! :(

  Little Brownie (L)

I am very sad when i am writing this blog. The reason is that the cute little brownie puppy   (photo above) has dead in this afternoon. He was run over by a taxi as informed by the secutiry guard to us. We are sad and also angry to the taxi driver as he was driving very fast and thus run over the puppy. How could a driver drive so fast in the housing area?! He is a bad driver!!! 

Actually the two puppies shown in the photographs were borned at the guard house of my housing area. They are only few months old of age. My family and I named them Brownie and Blackie due to thier colors respectively. The Brownie is a bit smaller size than the Blackie due to he did not eat as much as the little blackie. Personally I prefer little brownie because he is cuter than than the blackie for me. :)

HOwever, the cute little brownie is a bit unfortunate in his life. A few weeks ago, he was having an accident and had been sent to the clinic for treatment for few days. After he came back from the clinic, i noticed that his back leg was injured and weaked and he could not walk well. Then he has recovered from his injury and always playing with the little blackie around my house area. 

My mother also feeding them food twice everyday. Thus, when the 2 puppies saw my mother opening the gate and holding the bowl, they would know it was thier meal time. Both the puppies were so excited and waving thier tails to us. Normally my niece and I would also follow along to see the puppies eating.

We are happy to see the puppies eating the meal because they would fight for the food sometimes and the little brownie would loose to the blackie most of the time. Thus, i given the little brownie a nickname too, it is 'little dumby'! It is fun to see the two puppies actions sometimes and they made us laugh and happy. 

Started from last week, the 2 puppies alreay became friends with my family, they walked towards to my door gate sometimes and even like wanted to come inside my house. We were joking that on the Chinese New Year, we would open our door gates and let them come into our house as dog enters the house considers good luck for Chinese.

My brother-in-law even patted the cute puppies after he came back from work. Overall, my whole family like the 2 puppies very much. The reasons are they are cute and interesting to see small animals.

I am a bit regret now as I did not take photo or the video clips of their cuteness actions esp. My favourite little dumby and now he is no more with us! I have only took abot 5 pictures of him during his time here and i share them with you now. Well, don't you think the Little Dumby is cute?! :p

I still saw the little dumby in this morning and said hello to him and he was waving his tail to me.However, in the afternoon, my mother has received this sad news and my whole family are very sad, esp my niece. She was crying so sadly! I also sobbing and very sad as i lost my favourite cute puppy! :(

Lastly, I am blogging for the little dumby here as a memory of him for us. I want him to know that little dumby/little brownie, you will be missed by us always and may you RIP.

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