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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Quiz Challenge of The Beatles

Hi all! It’s Wednesday Quiz day.  Are you looking forward to it?! J

The Beatles was a very famous English rock band since the year 1960. The Beatles had sung many songs and they had many fans from the worldwide and some of them were crazy for them too. The Beatles had won many awards with their albums. So, with all the songs of the Beatles, do you know what the first hit song of the Beatles was?

A)     Love Me Do

B)     Tell Me Why

C)     P.S. I Love You

D)     A Hard Day’s Night

So, this is to challenge you if you are the fan of the Beatles. Good luck and have fun. Again, the answer will be reveal on the weekend! J


  1. Hello there! Congrats that you've got the correct answer for the Beatles quiz! :)

    Enjoy the MV of this old song.


    Have a nice week ahead! Bye! :)