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Monday, December 30, 2013

Interested to Exchange/Swap Chinese New Year Card?!

Hello there! If you have been following my blog, you would know that I have request to exchange/swap the Chinese New Year Card of Yr.2014 in my previous post. Good news that I have received some feedback and some people from the world wide are willing to swap CNY cards or FDCs with me. I am so happy and grateful to them.
Well, I will be exchanging the CNY cards with the following people. They are :
Canada -- Tanya
Estonia -- Janne
USA -- Post Card Gal
The Netherlands -- Angela
Japan -- Yukie
Australia -- Andrea
Well, I wish to have more CNY cards/postcards  exchangers for me. As I think it is very fun! I wish to hear people from other countries than the above. Of course if you are from the same country as above and would like to exchange the CNY cards/postcards with me, you are welcome!
So, before the due date, 5 Jan 2014, kindly drop me a line should you are interested to exchange the CNY card/postcard with me! I am waiting!!! ^.^
Lastly, Happy New Year! HAPPY 2014!!!!! :)

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