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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Amazing Malaysian Lady

I have watched the video clips of this Amazing Malaysian lady on YouTube lately. She can paint the portraits with a basketball or coffee cup stains. The first video is that she painted the famous Chinese basketball player Yao Ming with the basketball. She painted it with red colour by bouncing the ball and then eventually the portrait of Yao Ming has out.
The second video is that she painted the portrait of the celebrity Jay Chow with the coffee cup stains. I am amazed by her skills as she can just paint out freely without any outlines. Her skill is definitely very good.

Guess what?! This lady is named Hong Yi and she is a Malaysian. She is very popular over the world now due to her first video, the portrait of Yao Ming. I am very proud of her. I guess she has many fans now.

Well, you may click on the respective links below to see the 2 video clips.
Painting with a Basketball – Portrait of Yao Ming
Painting with Coffee Cup Stains -- Portrait of Jay Chow

So, do you amaze by her skills?! Actually I am. A suggestion for her, she should request both Yao Ming and Jay Chou to put their autographs on those portraits. Haha! :P  I guess many people (no doubt that I am one of them) are looking forward more portraits from Ms. Hong Yi with her unique type of paintings. Lastly, I would like to wish her all the best.

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