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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Extend from 42 days to 60 days or More?!

Today is the day 43 for me in the hospital here. The doctor told me that my treatment would be stopped at 6 weeks which mean 42 days, and then the doctors changed the decision to 2 months, i.e. 60 days. Gosh, it is a new record for me to stay in the hospital for such a long period. It is a first experience for me now! L

So, I would have my bronchoscopy on 9/2/2012. This is due to I do not have any phlegm to provide for the sputum test. No choice I have to go for the scope procedure for the doctors to check. I could foresee that I would have fever again. Sob sob….

Well, during my stay in the hospital, I noticed that there are many ‘stories’ behind the beds. What I meant is that every patients have their own stories like their sorrows, problems, etc.. E.g. A lady patient is here for almost 2 years in the isolation ward and her husband is here to take care of her everyday. This patient is in coma, and I think her husband is really love her very much and even the nurses said he is a very good husband.

Another patient is a teenager girl, who has skin problem. She always admitted here due to her skin is very sensitive and she comes from a single parent family. Her mum and she are the only family and they are having the help from the welfare society. This patient is looked quite lovely but her face is with so much reddish and so are her hands. Her mother has to keep her bed very clean to avoid any infection to her skin. While I was staying here, she had discharged but then she came back about 3 days later. When she was discharged, I saw her face was ok, but when she returned to the ward, her face was reddish again. According to her mum, this patient had applied one month leave from her school and she was yet to return to the school and then came back to the hospital again. I felt sorry to her.

So, those are the only small part of the stories I blogged here. I think I would share with you for more of the ‘Behind the Beds’ stories in next time.

Back to my own case, I wonder when I would be discharged. During my 40 plus days here, I managed to watch 4 TV series (1 Korean and 3 HK TV series), few movies and 2 Japanese anime series. Since I would have another 2 weeks to stay here, I guess I could go for another TV series here.  Haha! Moreover I have 12 neighbours (as at todate) as my next bedded. As I required to stay for 2 months here as instructed by the doctor, I really wish that I would have a full recover before I discharge and hopefully on day 60 I could go back home with full recovered and without any extension anymore.

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