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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Lost of A Great Diva – Whitney Houston

“I will always love you”~~~~~~
Do you like this song?! A great Diva or Legend has lost on last Saturday at LA, USA. She was Whitney Houston. Well, I was shocked to read the news online yesterday while I was surfing the net. I mean, I know she is the singer who had been using drugs as reported before, but I didn’t expect to read such news in a shock, like Michael Jackson.
Maybe some of the young ones nowadays do not or hardly know this Diva, Whitney Houston. But I am the person who listens to her songs during my schooldays. Oops, this means that I am old?! :P Haha! Anyway, Whitney Houston is one of the greatest Divas for me besides Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.
The reasons I like Whitney Houston is she had a great voice and I think her voice is very powerful too. I like her songs very much. The one I like the most is “I Will Always Love You”. Although this is the song was not originally sang by her, (by Dolly Parton) I prefer Whitney’s version. I think she sings this song in a very beautiful way. There are also other songs I like, “Saving All My Love for You”, “Miracle” (duet with Mariah Carey), “One Moment in Time” and many more. But these songs are my most favourites from Whitney Houston.   
Anyway, we have already lost a legend, Michael Jackson about 2 years ago, and now another legend has gone. I wish all the great songs of those legends would last forever. Lastly, RIP Whitney, and I am sure you will be missed by all your fans!

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