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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feel Good to be Home

I have returned to home for 3 days already. The feeling is really GREAT to be at home, especially when I am sleeping on my own bed with my own pillows. I mean I can have a nice and good sleep. My niece is happy that I have come back home too.
However, I have some “souvenirs” from the hospital. There are some bruises and “kiss marks” of the needles on my hands due to the blood test! L I also have given a Thank You card to all the doctors, nurses and staff of the ward when I left. Most of the nurses are very friend with me already since I was there for 60 days.
I have a plan now, that is, I want to have weight gain. This is due to I want to boost up my body immune system. In the meantime, I can rest and relax as I wouldn’t have so much stress. Since I discharged from the hospital, I really think that health is very vital to us.
No matter how, I am home now and I would take good care of my health.  I would like to thank all the people who have visited me at the hospital or home. Thus, for the time being, I would try to avoid going to the public areas as I want to take care of my health first. So, I would like to apologise to some of my friends that I won’t be able to meet you all now. But I sure would keep in touch with you all. May God bless you!

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