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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hot Water Please!

Gosh! There is no hot water available in the bathroom of my ward for 3 days. Yes, I am still in the hospital and I could not have my bath in satisfaction since 3 days ago. I was wondering what has happened to the hot water in the ward here as there has no hot water available in the bathroom for the whole floor.

This happened to me in 3 days ago. When I took my bath, I realised that the hot water temperature was not the same as the normal days it is used to be. The water came out in the hot water pipe was a little bit warm and eventually became cold instead. I was thinking that it was just my imagination (I was having some giddiness at that time) or the hot water in my bathroom was not in function well. So I was finished washing my hair and took my bath in a quick pace. When the cleaner came to clean my bathroom, I told her that there was no hot water available in my bathroom and she told me that the whole floor had no hot water available too due to some technical problem. Thus, report had been made and had to wait for the maintenance staff to do something for it.

I was patiently waited for 2 days and yet there was no hot water available as at todate. I made the complaint to the nurses few times and they told me the maintenance staff had repaired it on yesterday but nothing had changed or even improved. Every time when I turned on the hot water pipe, it was cold water instead of hot water. Thus I could not have my hot shower for the past few days; instead I was having cold shower. Every time after I finished my shower I felt cold as the water was cold for me, therefore, I was bathed in very quick pace as I did not want to catch flu. However, I did not know that how long I could stand the coldness for my bath as I started to have cold already. I did not want to fall sick, but I could not stand it for myself as not
taking bath for a day.

Tomorrow is the Monday, I wish that the maintenance staff could repair it ASAP so that the hot water is resumed and I could have my satisfaction hot bath. I guess that I was not the only patient here would like the hot water to resume soon, so are others. Thus, HOT WATER, PLEASE!!!

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