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Monday, March 5, 2012

My Sister and I are staying at home to Rest

It has been about 2 weeks after I discharged from the hospital. But a week after I have returned home, it was my elder sister who had admitted into hospital for her fibroid removal operation. But she had only stayed in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights. Thus my elder sister and I are staying at home to rest now.
I guess my mother is the person who is suffered so much as she needs to take care both of us now. Moreover, both of us have to be careful for our diets. Mum is saying that she has problem of buying food from the market for us. In the meantime, I also knew that my mother is actually very worried about my sister and me. I feel sorry to her! L

So, my sister and I are staying at home to rest now. My sister is saying that she is bored to be at home as she rather works in the office. However, she could not do so due to her wound is still aching. She has to go back to the hospital for follow-up in this coming Thursday. My sister has realised the “painful” of staying in the hospital. She told me that how could I stand to stay for 60 days for my last admission. I told her that it was not a choice for me.

My niece is the one who is happy now as she sees her mother at home when she comes back from school everyday. Guess what?! My niece is so nice and cute that she becomes the little “kakak” for her mum (my elder sister) now. She helps her mother whatever she could, e.g. filling water, bring the water/fruit to her, helps her to shower…. My sister is saying that luckily she has a daughter.

As for me, I am still having short of breath sometimes. Of course I have to take 4 types of antibiotics everyday for my treatment. Some of my friends have given me some advices on taking my health. One of them recommended me to wear ionise clothes. I think I would consider for it.

Well, I wish everyone in my family would stay in good health. Thanks to my friends again for sending me the messages. Cheers!!!

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