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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exchanging Postcards

Collecting stamps / First Day Covers / postcards / foreign banknotes/coins / bottles / refrigerator magnets??? I believe many of us like to collect something. For me, I like to collect stamps and first day covers during my schooldays. But I already stop collecting after I started to work due to I was busy working.

Since I have stopped working from last year, my interest of stamps collecting has returned. Moreover, I started to have the interest of collecting the postcards too. Whenever I was travelling, I sure would buy the postcards from my tours. This is due to with the postcards; I get to know more information about the places. Sometimes I even posted the postcard(s) from there back to my home. I have done it before while I was having my trips at Australia, Italy and Nice. However, the beautiful postcard that I sent from Nice, France to my own house was lost in mail. I did not receive it after I returned from my trip and even waited for few months! L
I have found out a website that I could exchange postcards with the people from around the world. The website is called Postcrossing. It is very easy to sign up as the user and moreover it is free. Once you have signed up and become the user, you could start to send the postcard(s) to the people around the world. On the other hand, you would receive surprise postcard(s) from other people who are from another country. Thus, it is called exchanging postcards.
I have joined the Postcrossing for few moths already. I like it very much. This is due to it meets my aims as I could receive postcards and stamps from different countries, know the different cultures around the world and even could become pen-pals too. I think it really is fun as I like meeting friends from all over the world. Another fun is you are able to receive the postcards in hard copy and not the e-postcards. I think it is more realistic and meaningful when you received a card that is with handwritten on and not typing on the PC. Thus, I always appreciate my received postcards very much. FYI, the postcards that I sent to the people are my own handwriting too.
I have already sent out about 20 postcards to different countries, e.g. The Netherlands, Russia, China, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, USA, UK, and many more. On the other hand, I also have received about 20 postcards in the past 6 months. The cards are from Spain, USA, Japan, Ukraine, Taiwan, Scotland, Mauritius, Switzerland, etc.. Well, if you are able to put more effort to exchange the postcards, you would be able to receive many in a short period of time. Below are some of the postcards that I have received. I would post some more of my received postcards in next time.
Sending a postcard to the overseas is needed RM0.50 each for the postage in Malaysia. A postcard is cost about RM1.00. I think it is worth to spend RM1.50 to meet friends from different countries and having fun by exchanging postcards.
Well, if you are also interested to exchange the postcards from all over the world, you may click on Postcrossing to register. Who knows maybe one day I would send you a postcard in surprise or vice versa?! : P Now I have a goal, which is I would like to receive 50 postcards until end of June 2012. If my goal has met then, I would like to receive another 50 postcards from worldwide until the end of the year 2012. So, if you would like to exchange postcard(s) with me or help me to meet my goal, kindly drop me a message! J


  1. happy postcrossing! I am a postcrosser from singapore and an avid stamp collector as well, I was collecting Malayan definitives for a time too!

    anyways, hope you get many postcards!

  2. Hi there! Thanx for your visited. I have collected more than 170 postcards as at now. I wish to have more postcards in future from all over the world.

    Happy Postcrossing to you too! :)