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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Third Bronchoscopy

I have my bronchoscopy done on 9/2/2012 and it is the 3rd time for me. I have to fast for at least 12 hours prior the procedure. Anyway, I was put into full sedation by the doctor in this time. The doctor who did the procedure for me is the chest specialist whom I always visit for my follow-up. I was surprised to see him after I had pushed into the room for the procedure as I was feeling nervous who the doctor would do the bronchoscopy for me.

The doctor sprayed some anaesthetic into my throat to numb it but I felt it tasted disgusting and it made me wanted to vomit. Then I was instructed to lie down on the bed and put on the oxygen mask and wearing the checking BP cuffs on my hand and I was started feeling dizziness and then became unconscious.

When I was awake, the procedure was done and I was not in the room anymore and I saw the nurses from my ward were there and then they pushed me back to my ward. I could feel that my throat was hurt and my lip was swollen. I guess the feeling of swell was due to the anaesthetic. I was feeling very tired and drowsiness still after returned to my bed. I could not eat and drink for 2 hours after the procedure. So I was taken my rest. When it reached the time for me to eat, I could only eat a little bit of porridge and then a burger by small bites. After my meal, I was still feeling sleepy or drowsiness, I guess it was still the effect of the anaesthetic, thus I went to bed and I had been slept for 2 hours. I was been sleeping for the whole afternoon on that day!

2 days have passed now since my scope, I did not have fever as at todate and my throat is not so painful anymore, it still hurts a bit. But I have the coughing and I told the doctor as he said it is normal for having the cough after the procedure. So now I wish that my cough would stop soon and wish that the result of my scope is good.

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  1. Catherine, it sounds so torturing... hope you speedy recovery. Read fhe facebook that lots of people care about you, you please take care of yourself too. Best wishes! Ms Fung, sy