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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Late Beatles Surprise! !!

The front views of the postcards
I have received a postcard and a late surprise of the Beatles postcard collections on 9/8/2014. They are sent from Joe, USA. The postcard he has sent to me is the view of the Cape Neddick Light on the Nubble at York Beach.
As for the Beatles collection of postcards, they are the designed from the friend of Joe and he also pasted the stamps at each postcard too. It is a late surprise for my niece as her birthday present. My niece is very happy to have them and she likes it very, very much.
I am very grateful to Joe for the Beatles collections of postcard and the Cape Neddick Light postcard too. I like it as it is beautiful. Moreover, Joe has also sent with some lovely cartoon stamps on the envelop and I like them too. As promised, I would send a Thank You card to Joe as return soon.
Anyway, I wish Joe and his family would have a great and fun summer!!! Once again, Thank you Joe!!!
The back views of the postcards

The envelope with cute stamps 

Cape Neddick Light

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