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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mails from Swedish Pen - pal!

I have received a letter and a postcard from my Swedish pen-pal, named Sophia. She has sent the letter to me which enclosed with the lovely writing letters. A few days later, I have received a postcard from her which is she sent from the Iceland during her summer vacation there.

In the letter, Sophia is interested to know more about my country, thus I replied her with some nice info about the Truly Asia, Malaysia! As for her postcard, she told me that she has walked on the glaciers. OMG! I am so jealous of her! Hehe! Just kidding! :P But i am wondering what is the feeling of walking on the glaciers. 

The Iceland postcard that Sophia sent to me is with the view of a 10th century longhouse unearthed in Aoalstraeti 16 in Reykjavik. The longhouse is on display at the Settlement Exhibition Reykjavik 871+_2.

Anyway, i am happy to receive the mails from my Swedish pen friend and I would like to thank her for the wonderful mails. Once again, thank you Sophia! :)

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