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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lovely Key chain!

The lovely keychain above is a souvenir from my new friend who has bought from London during her European trip. This new friend of mine is a physio therapist who I have met at IMU clinic in February this year. She is a Malay girl who has graduated from the physio therapy program. The day I met her was her third day after she started to work at the IMU.

This new friend of mine is a very nice person. She is very patient, considerate and  very kind to the patients. My mother and I are the patients of the IMU. When we were having our treatments, we sure would appoint her as our physio therapist. Thus, we did some chat and have know about the background respectively. For me, my such new friend is a very friendly and out-going lady. She likes to learn Chinese as she is able to speak some simple Chinese words. She even shown me her notebook or I should say her dictionary for learning the Chinese method from her Chinese friend. Moreover, she used to be a student exchange in the Germany for a year before.Therefore she knows German language too.

Although our age is different, i am elder than her, we still could able to communicate well as both of us have so much to talk about, eg. Health issues, travelling, family, etc.. I have shown her my Italy trip photo too.

Anyway, now my new friend is working at a hospital now. I also managed to meet her when I go for my medical check-up. Thus, in my last check-up on 13/8 in the hospital, i have met her and to my surprised, she has given me a lovely keychain. I have never thought of that she would buy me a souvenir. I am really appreciate it and I am very happy to have met a good friend as i am always staying at home since my health condition is not good. 

Thus, i am very appreciate such friendship and hope we would be keep in touch always and be friends forever. Once again, thanks for the lovely keychain, my dear friend! :)

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