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Saturday, September 1, 2012

My First collection of Slovakia Postcards

I was surprised to receive 10 postcards (at the same time) from Slovakia about 2 weeks ago. They are sent by Justyna from Slovakia to me. She sent me all 10 cards enclosed in an envelope. According to Justyna, the ones that she sent to me are from her postcard collections
Justyna introduced Slovakia to me that it is a really small country and not so many people have visited there. She hopes that I could visit Slovakia someday which I also wish to do so! J My brother-in-law has travelled there before, I saw some of the pictures that he taken from Slovakia, they are beautiful, and thus I think Slovakia is a beautiful country!

Justyna tells me in her letter that actually she is originally from Poland and she is planning to have the wedding with her boyfriend and she is happy to be there. I feel glad for her too as I want to say Congratulations to her for her coming wedding!
Most of the cards are showing the views of the city, POPRAD, Slovakia. I get to know about Poprad from the postcards.
Thus, I would like to say THANK YOU to Justyna for all the Slovakian postcards! J



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