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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Chinese Postcards

I received some postcards from China and Taiwan respectively in last week. 2 postcards from China one is from Taiwan.
National Dong Hwa University of Taiwan

My received Taiwanese postcard is from Fei-Hsuan. She sends me a postcard of the National Dong Hwa University (国立东华大) view. This university is located at the Hualien (花莲) of Taiwan. Fei-Hsuan is living in the eastern of Taiwan and she tells me that she is graduated from such university and her majors are Physical Education and Kinesiology. According to her, NDH University is beautiful and large. 

The postcards that I received from China are from ShenZhen, Guangzhou and Xiamen Gulangyu Island.

Fany sends me the postcard with the view of the fishing boat of Xiamen. She also pasted some beautiful Chinese stamps on the postcard. They are beautiful and I like them.
Xiamen, China

ShenZhen, China

YiJun sends me the postcard from ShenZhen. She tells me that ShenZhen is the 4th largest city in China. According to her, this city is a coastal city with over 10 million people who enjoying a warm and wet climate. YiJun tells me that she is looking forward to visit Malaysia. I visited ShenZhen before in few years back and it is a nice place. I wish JiYun will enjoy her trip at Malaysia next time.

The postcard that YiJun sends me is very “Chinese” as it shows the traditional way of the advertisement of the beauty products of the women in the old days. I think it is around the period of 20s or 30s. I think it is interesting and I like it.

With all these Chinese cards I received, I would like to thank to YiJun, Fany and Fei-Hsuan again. THANK YOU / 谢谢!!!

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