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Monday, September 3, 2012

Beautiful Canadian Maple Leaf Postcard

A beautiful Canadian maple leaf postcard for me from Elaine, Canada. The card shows the autumn leaves and moreover it has pasted with a stamp of Titanic. I am really very glad to receive the postcard and the stamp. I like it very much.

Elaine tells me that maple leaves are a common sight at Canada and she loves the autumn when the maple leaf shows the beauty. She also mentions that there is a beautiful maple leaf tree just outside her bedroom window. She has a view of the maple leaves first thing in the morning and it is a great way to start for the day.  Wow, I am jealous of her as I also like to see the beautiful maple leaves as they are not available in Malaysia! L Sob!

Maple Leaf is one of my favourite plant and this is the reason I named my blog “MapleLeaf”! : P Well, I wish someday that I could have a beautiful view of the autumn maple leaves in the first thing of my morning!

Anyway, I want to THANK YOU Elaine for sending me a beautiful postcard and stamp! Thank you!!! J

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